3 Trendy Yet Sustainable Ways To Dress-Up For Your WFH Meetings

We have given up on the days when we used to get up, dress up and show up! Let’s accept reality, it’s genuinely tempting to wear comfy clothes throughout the day and ditch those extra efforts. Especially when there is no one to judge your appearance, right? Even though we all enjoy the occasional comfort, don’t you think it’s time that we start bringing in our A-game? 

3 Trendy Yet Sustainable Ways To Dress-Up For Your WFH Meetings

We are currently living a virtual lifestyle that does not demand a dress code. While it’s always great to cut some slack for yourself and indulge in loungewear – but, that does not mean you inculcate this in your lifestyle forever. Why the insistence on giving up loungewear, you ask? Well, for starters your closet is missing you already! Also, how many days are you planning to re-post the same old pictures on Instagram? Try out some new trends, but don’t forget that the core is to keep everything in-line with sustainability! Come on, get dressed-up, you need to bless everyone with a brand-new fashion reel.

Now, let’s move on to a serious note – why is it important for you to dress up?

According to an article by Fashion Psychology,

“Working from home can be most effective when wearing something that is different from your everyday attire but still comfortable and you feel good in. Getting ready for the day as you normally would whether it’s to study at university or work in an office can be both physically and psychologically beneficial, encouraging productivity and detachment from the distractions the home environment presents.” 

We definitely agree on this one, there are too many distractions that are lowering our productivity levels. Now, after all of this, let’s address the elephant in the room. How exactly should you dress up for your virtual meetings? Don’t fret, we got you covered. As promised we are going to share with you – 3 trendy yet sustainable ways to dress up for your next virtual meeting. Stay tuned, we got some bonus tips waiting for you!

  1. Brighten Up Your Screen With Sassy Colors

You need to box up all the clothing that consists of prints, heavy patterns, thin stripes, or plaid. Of course, they look pretty in real life but when it comes to a virtual dialogue you need to steer clear of them. These pieces tend to look like a funhouse mirror that gives a moire effect on the screen. 

It’s better that you avoid such mishaps and instead, opt for bright and bold colors that look absolutely gorgeous when styled with the right type of bottom wear. We got some refreshing colors trending this season, from the yellow mellows, tangy tangerine, bubblegum pink to the magnetic magenta, and lime green. Now, let’s make a conscious effort and try to seek out colorful clothing from brands that use natural dyes. This is what we like to call the amalgam – trends meeting sustainability!

You have a wide range to select from but do pick the ones that compliment your skin tone. You can also try out some color blocking or the oh-so-trendy tie and dye style. Next time you dress up, rummage through your closet and find those popping color pieces.

2. Charm Your Way With Some Classic Details

Ladies, you need to sort out your jewelry box as they add a perfect finishing touch to your overall look. While dressing up it’s important to address various accessories. At the moment we are not hovering over handbags or belts considering they are not in focus when it comes to virtual meets. But, other attention-grabbing pieces are surely making a comeback. 

The dangling pearls, gold chains, minimal jewelry, and all types of rings will make you look exceptionally impressive, real quick! But make sure not to overdo these, as substantial pieces can make noise or extreme statement pieces can garner some unwanted attention. Keep it simple, yet classy. Want to know how you can switch towards sustainable jewelry? Try repurposing your jewelry or buy from brands that are making an effort towards sustainable accessory production. 

One of the best ways to stand out is to wear a vintage watch or bracelet that gives a feminine yet formal touch to any outfit. Feel free to experiment with different types of modern pieces that compliment your look. 

3. Unleash The Stylist Within You

Dressing up does not mean that you cannot infuse some comfy and chic style together. It’s absolutely okay to do that. You have to be comfortable in order to work, just not too comfortable. As mentioned above loungewear is not a great work-space option. Hence, you need to figure out what style suits you the best. 

Well-fitted t-shirts are the real deal, but so are the perfectly paired trousers and jeans. That’s why the first step is to understand your body type and outfit preferences. We understand that sounds like a lot of work but it will definitely benefit you in the future. One easy way to style yourself is to take a glimpse at 90’s fashion and repurpose your mom’s old clothes to fit the current trends. Upcycle your clothes, don’t shy away from re-using, try watching some of those ‘1 shirt – 3 ways to style’ videos and get inspired!

You don’t have to be a professional stylist or a know-it-all person when it comes to fashion. All you gotta do is find your zone in styling, it’s only a matter of time you will start to shine amongst everyone.

Now, we got some bonus tips! 

  • Always make sure to balance out your hair with makeup. As in, on bad hair days, add some lip color to divert attention off your hair and vice versa.
  • Keep the lighting behind your camera this will give a perfect glow to your face. Lighting from any other angle will cast unnecessary shadows.
  • Do not place your camera beneath your eye level, it might make you appear with a double chin. Always keep it slightly above your eye level and see the magic!

We hope you found this blog useful, if you did then go ahead and share it with your friends who are in need of some virtual dressing tips. 

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