How does sustainable fashion help the environment?

When you really think about the environment, doesn’t it shock you that hardly any of us ever consider our wardrobe as a major source of pollution. However, according to a survey held in 2015 by McArthur Foundation, production of textile alone in the same year emitted 1.2 bn tonnes of CO2, while textile dyeing and similar activities contributed to at least 20% of all industrial pollution.

Remember that 1.2 bn tonnes of CO2 emissions exceeds the combined emissions by maritime shipping and international flights. 

Fast fashion might be trending but the environmental costs associated with producing these clothes has seen a considerable boom in recent years. The result? While most of these clothes land up as waste after being worn once or in many cases never, 50% of such products are disposed of within the year. 

If things continue at this rate, by 2050, the fashion industry would inevitably emit enough CO2 to increase the global temperature by 2 degrees celsius. Naturally, sustainable fashion is the need of the hour and if you don’t know why, read on to find out now!

The only alternative to fast fashion:

Yes, fast fashion is popular and naturally trending, but sometimes we go ahead with a trend in spite of its negative impacts on the environment because we are unable to find an alternative that would be a close substitute to the aforementioned trend. Ethical fashion is our only alternative to fast fashion – a close substitute that serves our purpose without causing any harm to the planet.

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Goes right back to the environment:

The thing about green fashion is it’s high durability – sustainable fabrics don’t wear out easily and have a long life, compared to fast fashion. On top of that, it’s biodegradability quotient makes sustainable clothing a better choice even when you are getting rid of them, or reusing them for some other purposes.

Reduces the quantity of waste & helps the environment:

The key to a sustainable lifestyle is minimal waste – buy clothes that you are actually going to wear. Style them differently for creating different looks and you will soon see that fast fashion is a thing of the past. You can even recycle these clothes easily due to its high biodegradability. Naturally, switching to sustainable fashion can be seen as a significant move in the reduction of waste production.

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