Is sustainable fashion affordable?

People who breathe, eat, drink and even sleep sustainable fashion, this is one read you shouldn’t give a miss!

Wondering why Sustainable Fashion is expensive

Quality is ‘the thing’ when it comes to sustainable fashion. Unlike fast fashion where the focus is more on producing garments with trend replication & low-cost+ quality material, Sustainable fashion is built to last wash after wash and year after year. The idea is for it last throughout seasons. It is this very reason that sustainable fashion clothing is usually far more expensive than its fast-fashion counterparts, which is not a favourite with fashionistas looking for high-end fabrics. 

Questions you need to ask before making a purchase

  • Do I need something that’ll wear off and won’t even last a season or an ethical choice that’ll run throughout months, years and seasons, sustainable clothing to be precise?
  • Are there enough sustainable brands selling garments at a price that fits your budget?
  • Most importantly, how can I make Sustainable Fashion more affordable?

Let’s address the most important questions: 

Here’s how you can make Sustainable Fashion more affordable:


First and foremost, reduce or declutter by hosting a swap of your clothes. Shop someone else’s closet and put an end to fast fashion. You’re likely to find a piece that’s trendy enough to add to your fashionable closet by simply giving a shot-out to your friends and dear ones about the swapping. Do you know on an average a woman hardly wears the garments resting in her hanger, which if we come to think of, adds up to 112 million tons of landfills yearly. 


Renting clothes is one of the best ways to make ethical fashion more wearable. From new trends and fits to designs, this concept has come a long way where you can find anything and everything. There are apps, website etc. where you can swipe through pictures, take your best pick and use couriers for hassle-free pickups and drop-offs. This way you get try new looks, and once bored can return. A more fashion and eco-friendly approach!


Vintage clothing has become a thing! Second-hand shopping is no longer a taboo. Nowadays, even many apps and brands promote curated collections of recycled or vintage clothing Vintage. Do try and give your closet a spin within your budget!

Why wait, when you can start building your sustainable clothing closet!

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Keep smiling & not to forget shopping sustainably!

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