What are some myths related to sustainable fashion?

On April 24th 2013, Rana Plaza Garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing over 1100 workers. When the Fashion Revolution Week was started in 2014, as an honourable initiative to commemorate the tragedy, it brought attention to the unsafe, toxic work environment in which thousands of female garment workers are forced to work. 

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In the last six years, consumers and designers alike have woken up to the fashion industry’s negative impacts on the environment and ideas of sustainability have begun appearing on the web. As markets and runways across the globe became populated with ethical fashion labels, myths about sustainable fashion started doing the rounds that kept consumers from taking meaningful actions for the environment.

Debunking the top 2 myths about ethical fashion with the real facts!

Myth : Luxury fashion is more sustainable than fast fashion.

Fact : Investing money on luxury brands does not always guarantee loyalty to the environment. Last year Odre released a report in September which brought to light that 241,000 tonnes of CO2 or equivalent greenhouse gasses were emitted, measured from the carbon footprints of buyers, at international fashion shows in the course of 12 months – 241,000 tonnes of CO2 is enough to keep the lights on for an entire year in 42,000 homes!

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Myth : Donating old clothes to charities is a sustainable way to clean out your wardrobe

Fact : Remember, no matter where you are donating, they are all going to the same place. Only 10% of garments donated to thrift stores are actually sold but the rest is shipped to cheap resale markets in developing or underdeveloped countries, negatively influencing their local brands and labels. So, instead of worrying about where you will donate your old clothes, think about what clothes you are actually buying and whether they will live long.

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“Fast Fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying.”

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