Women’s Guide To Power Dressing 101

Power Dressing is not just about making a statement but rather a requirement in today’s work-oriented lifestyle. Modern, minimal and powerful dressing sense is the key to asserting authority and appearing proper by following a certain dress code. While we are talking about dressing styles, let us assure you, it does not mean you have to wear all the boring outfits. You can find your style and create a look that awakens the girl-boss within you!

Let’s dive into the history, it was during 1975 that power dressing became the topic of everyday conversations. Power dressing as a concept was popularised by John T. Molloy who is the author of the book ‘Dress For Success.’ He dedicated another book with the same idea towards women’s clothing as well. In this book – The Women’s Dress for Success, he stated, “This is the most important book ever written about women’s clothes, because it is based on scientific research, not on opinion.”

This statement gives us the idea that power dressing has helped many people accomplish their goals by just dressing up! Want to understand how power dressing works? We have listed down a few essentials that play a major role in perfecting the art of power dressing.

Tailor Your Clothing

We cannot emphasize enough on this one. It is crucial to have tailored clothing that gives you the perfect fit. Considering every piece of clothing is made to measure, there is less stock wastage. In fact, it cuts down on textile waste and energy usage, making a positive impact on our environment. Additionally, the garment is unique and increases customer satisfaction. They are well constructed pieces and made out of quality materials, all elements are carefully tailored for maximum performance. This gives your appearance an elevated yet custom look that assists in making the most favourable first impression! 

According to an article by Forbes, “These days, the skill is finding the right balance between important zoom meetings and easy-going office days for you to deliver the best of your ability. By adopting a philosophy of dressing for success, rejecting unkept style and putting effort into your style with maximum spirit, others will not only take you seriously, but rather they will look to you as the leader.”

Quality Materials

As mentioned above, quality materials are the backbone of any garment. Especially the ones designed for making a professional impact. How can you differentiate between materials? It’s simple – focus on buying authentic, durable and the finest fabrics that are comfortable and suit your clothing style. We here at House of Clima believe in using materials that are sustainable and support our vision of making you a conscious shopper. 

Get Inspired

Now, we understand that you can take inspiration from many fashion icons, but you need to take down notes from the ones that display the power dressing sense of style. One of the best icons when it comes to power dressing is Victoria Beckham, she has got the style, comfort and all the boss-lady attitude that is required to run a powerful business. On top of that, she personally believes in sustainability and practically speaking the vision of a clean product touches every corner of her brand. You will have to observe personalities that are already nailing the power looks and also support the sustainable future of our fashion industry! 

Invest Wisely

When it comes to dressing like a leader, you may have to spend a little extra. While we are at budgeting, let’s take it a step further by making sure that we all purchase products from eco-friendly brands inclining towards a slow-fashion approach. It’s essential to utilise your budget and invest in classic pieces that will stay with you for a longer period. Fitted shirts, trousers, dresses and formal skirts are the categories you should start adding to your wishlist!

Accessorise With Purpose

We generally have the habit of wearing the same accessories for different styles. But we advise you to change this, start accessorizing yourself with purpose. Wear a watch that suits your outfit, opt for a scarf that is not too tacky, wear minimal yet beautiful pieces that make you feel good. Add in belts that define your waistline with perfection, pack in a handbag that is made out of vegan leather. By the way, did you check out our collection of sustainable bags that are made out of vegetable dyes? If not you can check them out and join us on our journey of sustainable living! You can list out many other accessories that will complete your professional look.

Focus On Footwear

Many people forget the importance of footwear, it is extremely powerful for enhancing your overall look. As they say, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” This statement highlights the influence our footwear has on people around us. But it’s not just about buying any pair, you should make a conscious choice and buy them from ethical-footwear brands that are contributing towards a better tomorrow. Nevertheless, a perfect pair of heels can make an impression that practically lasts forever! 

We have covered the essential pointers, but the implementation part depends upon you. These are just guidelines that will help you follow through with your power-dressing goals. But remember, by the end of the day it is your decision to wear what you like. After all, crafting your personal style is also a powerful statement in itself. 

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